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Photos shot by Nigel while running the Mendips and Somerset Levels photography course, 11th May 2024

Cheddar Gorge and Ham Wall Nature Reserve, Somerset.

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This was the introductory Mendips and Somerset Levels photography course, so I was never quite sure how this day would turn out. Thankfully, it all went quite well.

Cheddar Gorge is a quite spectacular sight, and our location on top of the gorge gave some of the best views possible across the chasm. This made for some wonderful photography, although the rather white sky made for a few exposure complications, creating a very large contrast range from bright sky to dark landscape. Nevertheless, everyone was able to do some great photography here.

For the evening session we moved to Ham Wall National Nature Reserve, a vast expanse of reedbeds and marshes in the heart of the Somerset Levels. By this time, the sky had cleared and we were treated to some glorious evening sunlight, the waters shimmering blue and the reeds glowing golden yellow. The views from a couple of the hides lent themselves to some great landscape photography. Moreover, springtime activity among the breeding ducks, herons and egrets made for a bonus flurry of wildlife photography.

All in all, a successful day. I’m quite sure I’ll repeat this workshop next year.

The gallery on this pages shows images shot by myself when running the workshop, demonstrating subject matter and techniques.

Mendips and Somerset Levels

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