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Nigel’s photography is strongly supported by the writing side of his business. This editorial photography and writing consists mainly of the provision of complete text-and-photo packages for books and magazines. However, he also provides words for bespoke travel brochures, promoting venues and events.

This writing service enables Nigel to offer publishers complete packages in which the words and photos are tailored to match each other.

Writing and photography for magazines and newspapers

Writing and photography for magazines and newspapers: L'Information Immobiliere magazine cover

Nigel has been writing for a range of magazines for many years, specialising mainly in travel, the environment and photography. In recent times, this has been mostly for UK publications, but he does sometimes provide material to European and Southeast Asian publications.

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Photography and writing for books

Writing and photography for books: cover for Wild Southwest

Nigel has written numerous books on travel and nature in the Philippines and southwest England, as well as several photography books.

Through his own publishing company Aquaterra Publishing, he recently published Wild Southwest, a book about the landscapes and wildlife of southwest England, followed by Beautiful Devon, Beautiful Cornwall and Beautiful Somerset, photographic books showcasing many of the loveliest places in these southwest UK regions. Follow-up titles are in progress.

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Writing and photography for books: the front covers of Beautiful Cornwall, Beautiful Devon and Wild Philippines.

Copy writing and editing for advertising and marketing

Need writing and/or editing for a report, brochure or catalogue?

Nigel can help you with this. With years of writing experience in both the creative and technical spheres, covering such diverse areas as tourism, nature conservation and wildlife, boats, photography, and even medicine and biomedical science, Nigel is well placed to create or edit your text.

And having close collaboration with experienced design services, a publishing business and close links with a southwest England-based printer, we can handle the entire process for you from initial concept and text creation through to final publication.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Commissioning Nigel Hicks

If you would like to commission Nigel to provide text for any books, magazines, newspapers, brochures or reports, please get in touch. Fees are flexible and negotiable. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Tel: +44 (0)1626 770181 +44 (0)7977 546961; nigel@nigelhicks.com

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