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Photographing both plants and animals, nature and wildlife photography is an integral and important part of Nigel’s professional photography. Whether it be woodland flowers in Devon, seals and gulls off the Cornish coast, puffins in Iceland, elephants in Kenya, or gigantic rainforest trees in the Philippines, they are all sought out, composed and photographed by Nigel with the same high level of care and creativity.

For Nigel, photography of the plant and animal species that live around us is an important part of understanding our world, regardless of whether the final images are eventually used in publishing, advertising, tourism or environmental programmes. All are of immense value.

Get in touch if you would like Nigel to shoot a nature photography project for you. Take a look at the two nature and wildlife photography image galleries to see sample images.

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nature and wildlife photography

A quality assurance

As an assurance of top quality photography remember these points:
● Nigel has over 20 years experience as a professional photographer, working in a wide variety of environments and photographic genres;
● He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), the highest qualification in what is one of the UK’s leading professional photography bodies;
● Nigel shoots for the National Geographic Image Collection, the publishing division of the USA’s National Geographic Society.

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