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A major publication about the wildlife of the Philippines

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Wild Philippines

With over 300 photos and 50,000 words, Wild Philippines is major work, offering both the public and conservationists working in this field a valuable snapshot of the state of conservation in the Philippines at this time.

All text is by Nigel Hicks, as is all the photography bar six photos of subjects that Nigel was unsuccessful in obtaining himself.

Published to mark the 20th anniversary of The National Parks and Other Wild Places of the Philippines, Nigel’s first book about the country, and the first ever to look at its natural environment, Wild Philippines now brings an overview of our knowledge about Philippine wildlife right up to date.

An outline of Wild Philippines

Divided into just five chapters, Wild Philippines presents a series of overviews.

Chapter 1: A general introduction to the Philippines’ natural environment and its wildlife.

Chapter 2: An overview of the status of conservation past and present, summarising the challenges and damage done, followed by some examples of positive programmes to protect species and habitats.

Chapter 3: A summary of the Philippines’ principal habitats, ranging from the deep seas and coral reefs around the islands, to its mangroves and seagrass beds, followed by its various forest types, namely beach, lowland, limestone, swamp, montane and pine forests.

Chapter 4: An introduction to some of the Philippines’ most important species, in particular its many endemic – or unique – species, ranging from numerous hornbills to the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine Crocodile, a host of remarkable forest and mountain rodents, a range of Medinilla flowers, orchids (the Philippines has more orchid species than any other country) and the remarkable Rafflesias.

Chapter 5: An overview to some of the most important of the country’s many protected areas, both on land and around its coral reefs.

Wild Philippines is published by John Beaufoy Publishing, an Oxford-based publishing company that specialises in books on travel and natural history.

Wild Philippines sample pages

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Some Wild Philippines info:

No of pages208
Dimensions260 x 215 mm
Cover typePaperback with flaps
No of words50,000
No of photos320
PublisherJohn Beaufoy Publishing
Publication dateAugust 2019

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