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Supply of photography and videos to photo libraries for commercial and editorial licensing

Nigel supplies stills photography and video clips to a range of photo libraries for commercial and editorial licensing around the world, providing both exclusive and non-exclusive usage rights.

Click on any of the links below to see what images Nigel has with each library.

National Geographic Image Collection

The prestigious Disney-owned image publishing division of the National Geographic Society no longer licences its library of images, including those it holds of Nigel’s photography. However, they continue to be used internally by National Geographic and the Disney corporation.

National Geographic Image Collection icon: photography for photo libraries.

Getty Images

The vast US-based but globally dominant photo library that supplies a huge proportion of the world’s imagery. To see what Nigel has with Getty click on the link below:

Getty Images icon: photography for photo libraries.

Robert Harding Picture Library

Rather ’boutique’ in comparison with Getty, RHPL has a rather prestigious name, supplying high-end, top-quality travel photography. To see Nigel’s contribution here click below:

Photography for the Robert Harding Picture Library: photography for photo libraries.

Alamy Images

Another huge photo library, UK-based but with an increasingly global reach. Nigel joined Alamy right at the beginning, before they even went public, so to see his contribution here click below:

Photography for Alamy Images: photography for photo libraries.


The latest addition to the list of Nigel’s imaging outlets is the American agency Pond5, renowned for its video supplies. Nigel recently signed up with Pond5, and is now steadily building up his library of video clips with them. To see what he currently has with Pond5 click on the link below:

Pond5 icon: videography for a footage library.

Sourcing images directly

Don’t see what you’re looking for with any of the above collections? Not to worry, just get in touch with Nigel, and he’ll see if it’s possible to find the right images for you.

He has many more images in his files than are in any of the libraries, so it’s quite possible that he’ll have just the right image for you.

Travel and tourism photography: photography for photo libraries, and obtaining images directly from Nigel Hicks.
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