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Learn photography from Nigel Hicks, one of the UK’s most experienced professional photographers

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Photography courses in southwest England

Improve your photography skills with Nigel Hicks, one of Britain’s leading travel and landscape photographers.

Whether you’ve only recently picked up a camera or have been snapping away for many years, we’ll help you develop your photography.

Why learn with Nigel?

Here are four good reasons:
● Nigel has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, shooting all over the world for a range of clients;
● Nigel has a Fellowship with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), the highest photography qualification from one of the UK’s leading professional photography bodies;
● Nigel shoots for National Geographic Image Collection, the publishing and photo agency division of the USA’s prestigious National Geographic Society;
● Nigel has been running his own photography courses for over 10 years, and so is well versed both in the kinds of things that ‘student’ photographers want/need to learn, and the ways to put the vital information over.

What we teach

Most of what Nigel teaches falls into two broad categories:

  1. Getting the most out of your digital camera, top-end digital SLR or a simple compact. How to make use of its critical functions, to be in control of the camera instead camera being in control of you.
  2. Understanding the aesthetic aspects of photography. In other words, working out how to spot potentially great compositions within the scene in front of you, finding ways to mould a potential subject into a great composition, and then finally executing the image.
Photography workshops and courses

The courses we offer

Nigel teaches photography in three formats:
● One-day photography courses, centred in southwest England, mostly in Devon, but also in Dorset and Somerset;
● Photography tours, both in the UK and overseas;
● Personalised photography workshops, one-to-one tuition or your own group, with your own tailor-made photography course.

One-day photography workshops

Our one-day photography workshops all concentrate on photography in the great outdoors. You won’t be stuck indoors learning theory, but actually getting hands-on experience on-location, mainly in the beautiful countryside and along the stunning coasts of Devon, southwest England.

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Photography tours

Nigel runs photography tours, both in the UK and overseas, covering mainly landscape, nature and general travel photography, and aimed mostly at intermediate and advanced level photographers.

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Personalised photography courses

Would you like to learn photography one-to-one with Nigel? Or do you have a group – perhaps some friends or work colleagues – that you would like to have your own photography workshop with? Nigel can put together your own workshop day, designed to suit your needs.

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Photography workshops and courses
A little bit of health and safety

Please read these if you’re thinking of coming on one of our courses:

a) All courses, particularly those involving landscape photography, involve a certain amount of walking, sometimes over fairly rough ground. We do try to keep this to a minimum, but please be aware that anyone taking part in the Dartmoor, Exmoor or north Devon coastal workshops will need to be able to walk at least one mile. Paths in these areas are generally steep and may be slippery. However, the views make it all very worthwhile!

b) Whilst we do everything we can to ensure the workshops are run in as safe a way and as safe an environment as possible, participants are responsible for the safety of themselves and their equipment. You are strongly advised to have your camera equipment insured for loss or damage when away from your home.

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