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The Philippines archipelago, consisting of over 7000 islands, presents an exceptionally rich biodiversity and spectacular range of habitats from tidal sand bars to mighty mountain ranges; from coral reefs through rainforests to summit grasslands. Added to this, the country’s isolation from mainland Asia also gives it an astonishingly high number of endemic plant and animal species.

The book, Wild Philippines, opens with an exploration of the geography of the country, covering the coral reefs and the deep oceanic regions as well as the changing types of terrestrial environments from the lowland rainforests up to the grasslands of the highest mountain peaks. The on-going conservation issues connected to land use are detailed in Chapter Two. This is followed by a chapter describing each of the unique habitats: the open seas, coral reefs, shallows and the shore, moving on land to discuss the importance of the mangrove forests and the many different types of rainforest.

The country’s incredible richness of plants and animals is detailed in Chapter Four, featuring such iconic species as the Philippine Eagle, the 11 endemic hornbills, the diminutive Philippine Tarsier and Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. Many of these species are to be found within the national parks and other protected areas which are introduced in the final chapter.

Through his extensive travels in the Philippines Nigel Hicks has documented the wild places, the flora and the fauna with stunning photography and vivid text, to provide an authoriatative and entertaining study of the wide spectrum of wildlife on the land and in the seas of this diverse country.

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