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Beautiful Cornwall explores this stunning region, the furthest toe of England’s southwest peninsula, and rightly one of the UK’s most famous counties. What makes Cornwall so well-known is its rugged landscape, in particular its wild, storm-wracked Atlantic cliffs, along with its magnificent beaches and superb surf, as well as its long history and strong sense of self-identity, a place quite apart from the rest of England.

This book takes in all these facets, its first chapter giving an overview of Cornwall, its coasts, moors, history and culture, and a little of what life is like in this remarkable region. The remaining four chapters provide a photographic tour, showcasing through Nigel’s vibrant photography on the one hand those wild Atlantic cliffs and fabulous sandy beaches, and on the other the quiet harbours, verdant river valleys and wide-open moors that stretch from the eastern borders with Devon, along the banks of the River Tamar, through the high hills of Bodmin Moor, to the beautiful Isles of Scilly, a tiny achipelago in the far west, surrounded by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beautiful Cornwall makes a superb photographic souvenir of this remarkable region, for both visitors and residents alike.

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