Late summer garden photography workshop

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Course location: In the stunning gardens of RHS Rosemoor, just outside Great Torrington, in north Devon

Times: 1-7pm

Prices: £112 (RHS members); £127.85 (RHS non-members)

If you’d like to join this course, just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to Rosemoor Garden’s website, where you’ll be able to book.

End of summer garden photography

This late summer garden photography workshop will be a wonderful afternoon and evening of garden landscape photography. We’ll be picking out many of the highlights in Rosemoor’s plethora of sub-gardens within the garden, shooting little vignette scenes as well as a few of the wider landscapes.

Running from 1 to 7pm, our final couple of hours in the garden will be spent after closing hours, giving us the garden to ourselves and ensuring that we’ll be able to shoot free of the risk of people cluttering the scene!

Shooting in mid-September, we’ll be between the usual peak garden times of high summer and the autumn colours, so the photography will be a little unusual. While many of the flower beds may no longer be at their peaks, the shrubs, bushes and trees will be vibrantly green, perhaps with just a hint of the approaching autumn. The foliage will be the centre of our attention, our eyes freed from the distraction of colourful flower beds!

During the course of the day, I’ll be aiming to teach my students the following skills:

  • How to spot great features in the garden landscape, and then how to isolate and compose them into a terrific photo;
  • How to cope with and adapt to photographing in whatever weather conditions we’re treated to, from bright sunshine through to heavy cloud, and even some rain;
  • How to choose the best lens, focal length, lens aperture and overall perspective to help create the most impactful images;
  • How to make the best use of your camera’s most important functions, to help create sharp, well focussed, well exposed, and well composed images;
  • How to set up and use a tripod to ensure top quality images.

My teaching style is quite informal, so the main requirements for anyone attending this workshop are simply enthusiasm and a willingness to learn! You will also need to bring your own camera and lens(es). Please also bring a tripod. If you don’t have one please let me know as I can lend one out.

Note: Since we’ll be working outdoors, our photography will be very weather-dependent, and it may be necessary to vary what and how things are done to fit in with the weather.

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