A moody nature video

A little while ago I started to increase the amount of video work I’ve been doing, and as a part of that I recently signed up with American agency Pond5, an organisation renowned for supplying video to the broadcasting world. My small part in all that is to supply short clips, which for me means concentrating on material that is my first love: nature and landscapes.

Nigel introducing a moody nature video.

Creating an illustrative video

To start telling the world about this new side to my work, I’ve put together a short video that is an medlee of moody nature and landscape clips, shot mostly in southwest England, though with a few from the Philippines.

This short video, just 2 mins 37 secs long, illustrates the kind of video work I will be doing into the future. It has been published on my Youtube channel (Nigel Hicks Photography), and you can view it below.

I hope you enjoy it! If you do then of course feel free to subscribe to my channel. Hopefully, there will be many more videos to come.

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