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Photos shot by Nigel Hicks while running his wildlife photography course, 15th October 2022

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Despite a weather forecast that threatened us with heavy showers, in fact this wildlife photography course went ahead on Exmoor in some wonderful warm autumn sunshine. Just one very brief, light shower interrupted us, allowing for a full day of wildlife scouting and photography.

That said, I have to admit that the deer I was hoping we’d be able to photograph near Dunster, on the northeast edge of Exmoor, did not perform at all well. All we saw was the occasional individual or pair fleeing through the undergrowth. There was also the deep gutteral grunt of a rutting stag somewhere close-by in the forest, but we could not see him for love nor money. So – rather unusually for this course – the deer photography drew a bit of a blank.

Fortunately, however, the dippers put on a magnificent performance on the East Lyn River, on the edge of Lynmouth, at least four individuals showing up and posing for us. We got the full set of dipper antics, as they went about their business, skipping over mid-river rocks, diving and swimming in the water, all just for our cameras. Or so it seemed.

As a result, all the photography this time around features these charismatic little river birds.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the photos on this page, taken by myself during the course. Thanks for visiting!

wildlife photography course

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