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Spring garden photography course images shot by Nigel Hicks during his 22nd April 2023 workshop

RHS Rosemoor Garden, Torrington, Devon.

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This year’s spring garden photography course was not blessed with the best of weather, with dull skies and intermittent rain the norm throughout the day. However, as so often happens with this kind of photography, the flat, even light and dull sky made some fantastic photography possible. The total absence of any wind made things even more perfect.

Without the worry of bright highlights and deep shadows that sunlight causes, we were able to concentrate on creating great vegetational compositions. From white cherry blossoms through to dark camellia leaves, everything could be exposed correctly in a single image.

The participants quickly realised the power of garden photography undertaken in poor light conditions, especially coupled with the lack of wind. They also quickly got to grips with the importance of a tripod in such conditions, low light and good focussing necessitating slow shutter speeds. There was no way to hand hold a camera in these conditions and get great photography.

Towards the end of the afternoon the rain came in more or less non-stop, so we retreated to a classroom where I gave a presentation of garden photography. The talk drew from my library of images, and was aimed at illustrating the application of a range of photographic techniques to obtain different effects in differing weather conditions.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the photos on this page, all shot by me while running this spring garden photography course. Thanks for visiting this page!

spring garden photography course

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