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Photos taken by Nigel while running the low light photography course, 29th April 2023

Exmouth, Devon

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Everything was a little grey on the evening of the low light photography course, the world an expanse of grey sea and grey sky. But at least it was (almost) flat calm, with a little mist in the air creating a calm, brooding kind of mood.

The workshop began with some late afternoon daylight photography around Exmouth’s marina/harbour, followed by some modern architectural photography of the adjacent apartment buildings.

As both the tide and light levels dropped, so we then moved out onto the shore of the River Exe estuary, photographing moody views of boats on their moorings, with and without reflections in pools of stranded seawater.

With the light falling away, it quickly became apparent to everyone just how essential a tripod is in these conditions, and everyone was soon comfortable with this piece of kit.

As poor daylight turned into dusk (I can hardly say there was a sunset that evening!), we returned to the harbour to photograph this scene once again, this time lit by manmade lights, set against the remaining natural light in the sky; always a magical hour for some great atmospheric photography.

I hope you’ll enjoy the images here, all shot by me while running this low light photography course.

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Low light photography course images

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