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Photos shot by Nigel during the Exmoor in autumn photography course, 22nd Oct 2022

Tarr Steps and the Valley of Rock, Exmoor National Park

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What a mixed day this was! Starting off with some very still conditions, mostly overcast but with an occasional bit of sunshine, we were able to do some wonderful photography in the woods along the banks of the Barle River, close to Exmoor’s Tarr Steps. Here, autumn colours were just about at their peak, particularly among beech trees hanging over the flowing waters. So, some great compositions in our landscape photography were possible here.

For the afternoon session we started at the open moorland view on Winsford Hill down into the Punchbowl valley. However, by this time weather conditions were deteriorating, with heavy grey skies and gathering drizzle, so the only photography consisted of a few ‘reference’ snaps for future visits.

We moved onwards to the Valley of Rocks, on the edge of the town of Lynton. The target here was the fantastic coastal cliffs that run along one side of the valley. Although the weather was reasonable when we arrived, it quickly deteriorated into heavy rain, forcing us to take shelter.

Fortunately, about an hour later things cleared up a little, making some landscape photography possible for 45 minutes until the rain returned, just as dusk was setting in. A rather damp end to a mixed day!

Exmoor in autumn photography course images

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