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Autumn garden photography course images shot by Nigel Hicks during his 8th Oct 2022 workshop

RHS Rosemoor Garden, Torrington, Devon.

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The autumn garden photography course went ahead at RHS Rosemoor Garden in some stunning autumnal sunshine that really lit up the autumnal colours in the foliage.

It was a little early for much of the potential for autumn colour, but we had enough trees in golden, yellow or red colours for some beautiful photography to be possible.

Ironically, the bright sunshine did make for some problems of high contrast between bright highlights and deep shadows. However, with some careful image composition management, along with the occasional helpful cloud we were able to control and minimise such problems.

Participants managed to collect some wonderful images, as well as receive plenty of practice with use of a tripod, plus regulating the balance between shutter speed and lens aperture to control depth of field and selective focussing.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these photos. Thanks for visiting this page!

Autumn garden photography course

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