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Photos shot by Nigel Hicks while running his Atlantic coast photography course, 13th May 2023

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The Atlantic coast photography course went ahead on 13th May, using the rugged coast of north Devon’s Hartland area as our outdoor photography studio. The day covered two sites, the afternoon kicking off at Welcombe Mouth, a lovely cove close to the border with Cornwall, while the evening saw us at nearby Hartland Quay, site of a pub and a small jetty, as well as some spectacular coast.

Unlike the rather gloomy weather of the two preceding photography workshops, this course went ahead under almost cloudless skies. Although greatly uplifting for the spirit, it was at times actually too sunny for great, atmospheric landscape photography. The bright light made it difficult to shoot Welcombe Mouth’s stunning waterfall in any true moodily effective way. However, with some early tuition in the use of neutral density filters, many of the problems were overcome, and some stunnng images were pulled together.

Come the evening and a bit of a break, and we found ourselves shooting at Hartland Quay, taking in the spectacular cliffs and rock arch close to the old harbour, as well as the adjacent sand and rock beach.

Although things looked set for a fantastic sunset and dusk, in fact with less than an hour to go a bank of cloud and fog rolled in, taking out that golden light and making everything a little grey. Nevertheless, it was still possible to shoot some of the wonderful clifftop flowers, in particular the pink thrifts, set against the last of the cloud-shrouded glow in the sky. The result was some very atmospheric images.

The images on this page were shot by me while running this Atlantic coast photography course. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them. Thanks for visiting!

Atlantic coast photography course images

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