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Photos taken by Nigel while running the Atlantic coast photography course, 11th Sept 2022

Hartland Quay, north Devon

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This Atlantic coast photography course took place along the rugged coastline of north Devon, around the little harbour of Hartland Quay. This a place of dramatic cliffs, rocky shores and a number of coastal waterfalls.

The weather for the day was rather overcast, creating some very grey conditions. Despite this, some great photography was still possible, concentrating on views that did not rely on showing too much sky! So much of the photography – as you’ll see in these images shot by myself – concentrated on detailed views, homing in on the main waterfall, plus surf (particularly at dusk) around Hartland Quay, and (during the day) rocks on the beach at Speke’s Mill Mouth, a beach just south of Hartland Quay.

I hope you’ll enjoy these images! Thanks for visiting this page.

Atlantic Coast photography course

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