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Saturday 17th April 2021, Bantham and Bigbury, south Devon

Course location: South Devon coast photography around Bantham, Bigbury and Burgh Island.

Times: 1.30-8.30pm

Price: £95 per person

This afternoon and evening of south Devon coast photography will take in the wonderful views of the beaches at Bantham and Bigbury, as well as the estuary of the River Avon running between the two places. At low tide we’ll visit Burgh Island to photograph the rugged cliffs here, as well as the views back to Bantham and Bigbury.

Sunset over Burgh Island and the south Devon coast.

What I’ll be teaching

The course will aim to teach the following skills:

● Spotting potential image compositions beaches, rocks, cliffs and general coastal scenes;

● How to control and make use of the balance between shutter speed and lens aperture to gain the best exposure, and to control depth of field (ie the amount of the image that is sharply in focus);

● Making full use some of the camera’s most important features, such as semi-manual modes, in particular shutter-priority and aperture-priority The aim will be to help you to get away from ‘auto-everything’, as well as to understand the ISO settings, image histogram and exposure compensation;

● Executing the image, using positioning, perspective, focus control, use of light, and lens focal length to create simple, strong compositions.

Participants should have an understanding of what shutter speed and lens aperture mean, plus a knowledge of how to operate their own camera in order to get at least basic images. Those using a DSLR or mirrorless camera should also have at least basic close-up/macro equipment (not needed for anyone using a compact camera) and a tripod.

Note: Since we’ll be working outdoors, what we are able to do during the day is very weather-dependent. Weather conditions may make it necessary to vary the itinerary.

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