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Sunday 7th Nov 2021, Exmouth, Devon

Location: A low light photography workshop around the harbour, estuary and foreshore at Exmouth, Devon.

Times: 2.30-8pm

Price: £95 per person

Please note that this course will be held on a Sunday.

This is the rescheduled 21st March low light course, postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

During the course of this low light photography workshop there will be plenty of hands-on photography, shooting around the harbour and estuary foreshore during the final hour of daylight, and then through sunset and dusk. Once it is completly dark we’ll then turn out attention to night sky photography, conditions permiting.

Sunset over the River Exe. Low light photography workshop/

What I’ll be teaching during this low light photography workshop

  • How to make the most of the late afternoon, sunset and dusk light to create atmospheric landscape and architectural images;
  • Use of a tripod to make it possible to shoot long exposures in low light situations;
  • Long exposure times to capture star trails and stars as pinpoints of light;
  • Use of elements in harbour, beach and rural scenes to create great compositions;
  • Appropriate use of the combination of shutter speed and lens aperture, as well as correct focussing to to make the most of compositional elements in the scene;
  • How to make the best use of the camera’s most important functions.

Participants should have at least an understanding of what shutter speed and lens aperture mean, plus a knowledge of how to operate their own camera in order to get at least basic images. Beyond this, the main requirements are enthusiasm, an open mind and a readiness to learn!

Note: Since we’ll be working outdoors, what we are able to do during the day is very weather-dependent. Weather conditions may make it necessary to vary the itinerary.

Star trails over the estuary of the River Otter, Devon. Low light photography workshop.

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