Sailing Photography Course

A two-day sailing photography course aboard Pilgrim of Brixham, a fully restored 19th century sailing trawler

10-11th May 2022, Brixham to Dartmouth, south Devon

Course location: This Sailing Photography Course will take place off the south coast of Devon, between Brixham and Dartmouth

Times: 10am 10th May to 5pm 11th May 2022

Price: £295.00 per person

This course is organised by Pilgrim of Brixham. To book a place please visit the Pilgrim website.

Sailing photography course

Out on the water in this Sailing Photography Course

This sailing photography course is perfect for anyone who likes to combine their photography with the sea and boats, particularly boats under sail. For two days we will sail aboard Pilgrim of Brixham, a fully restored sailing trawler, that was originally built in Brixham, south Devon, nearly 130 years ago.

Departure will be from the busy fishing port of Brixham at 10am on 10th May 2022, and will finish in the historic harbour at Dartmouth at 5pm the next day. Inbetween we will be sailing along the south coast of Devon, with an overnight stop either in Dartmouth or in sheltered cove somewhere between the two ports.

Along the way, I’ll be showing you how to photograph in the maritime world, shooting a variety of angles on and of the boat, wide views, close details and of the crew working the boat. Landscape and seascape photography should also be possible. Moreover, we will take every opportunity to photograph any wildlife that shows up: dolphins regularly escort Pilgrim, and seabirds frequently pass by. We will also aim to be able to photograph Pilgrim under sail from off the boat, most likely seen from the shore.

Overnight accommodation will be aboard Pilgrim, which is fully equipped with below-deck births, bathroom and cooking facilities. All food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, and are included in the course fee.

Sailing photography course

What I will aim to teach during the Sailing Photography Course:

The course will aim to teach the following skills:

  • How to cope with trying to photograph subjects when on a moving platform; ie a boat out on the sea;
  • Identifying creative, graphic and impactful images in a relatively confined space on the deck of Pilgrim, whether parts of the boat or of people;
  • Spotting, composing and quickly shooting developing wildlife views, whether on land, in the water or in the sky;
  • Creating effective composition of landscape and seascape views, plus views of Pilgrim while off the boat;
  • Making the most of the natural light to illuminate the subject in the best possible way to generate effective and dramatic images.
  • Making full use of the most important of the camera’s functions, such as semi-manual modes. Moving away from ‘auto-everything’, and learning how to understand ISO settings, the image histogram, and exposure compensation;
  • How to control and make use of the balance between shutter speed and lens aperture to gain the best exposure, especially when a fast shutter speed is needed (to freeze movement), and to control depth of field (ie the amount of the image that is sharply in focus);

Participants should have a knowledge of how to operate their own camera in order to get at least basic images.

Note: Since we’ll be working very much outdoors, what we are able to do during the day is very weather-dependent. Weather conditions may make it necessary to vary the photography subject matter.

How to book a place on this course

Bookings for this course are being taken by Pilgrim of Brixham. So to get the final details and to make your booking click on the link below to go to their website.

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