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Nigel is a qualified professional photographer, a member of the BIPP, qualified to Fellowship, the Institute’s highest level, ensuring high professional standards in photographic services.

Nigel shoots for National Geographic Creative. To see images and video clips he has with them available for commercial use click above.

Nigel Hicks:

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Nigel Hicks


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A professional photographer based in Devon, south-west England

A highly experienced and qualified photographer, shooting for National Geographic Creative.

Tel 01626 770181; Email


Reviews of Nigel’s photography tours

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Here are a few comments that participants have made about previous photography tours:

1. If you’re looking for stunning landscapes to photograph, this is definitely the tour for you. Four full days packed with waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, ice fields and lava fields. This is complemented by comfortable hotels ,a comfortable coach with plenty of room for your equipment and Nigel on hand for guidance if required. Even the weather was brilliant for the whole four days – the one thing that can’t be guaranteed for 2016. Larry H.

2. Iceland is stunning and we were blessed with some lovely weather and the Northern Lights which were breathtaking and a high point for us all.An interesting and varied itinerary guided by Nigel made for a good week of travel photography in a relaxed atmosphere. We had an excellent driver with a great sense of humour who safely transported us and gave us insights into Icelandic life. Accommodation and dining all up to expectation. Anne W.

3. A great photography experience with Nigel Hicks, a lovely group of people and very knowledgeable guide/driver. It will live in the memory for a long time.

I hope things are good with you. I like the itinerary for next but if I am still on this contract it clashes with a major delivery. Neil G.

4. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Iceland was awe-inspiring and we both think that there is a lot more of Iceland that we would like to explore. We loved it. It was one of my favourite holidays in a long time. And having the opportunity to see all those amazing places and to try and capture something memorable form them was an enjoyable challenge. We thought that the places that you chose gave us enough variety to give us the opportunity to think about what we were looking at and how to approach taking the picture. I enjoyed learning from doing, with a little initial guidance and do feel like I have learned a lot. Claire P.

5. Earlier this year I went on a fantastic photo experience to Iceland with Nigel.

We were a very small but friendly group of mixed ability photographers, and travelled around in our own minibus.  We started in Reykjavik before venturing off to the Golden Circle, one of the most photogenic areas.  Here we visited Geysir to see the hot springs and bubbling pools before moving onto Gulfoss, which is a stunning waterfall, and then on up into the Highlands area.  Nigel was taking his own photos, but was always on hand to give you tips or advice on angles, perspective etc.

We moved on to cover a large section of the Southern coastline.  The landscape is so varied, between rock outcrops, lava fields, fields of wild lupins, glaciers, more waterfalls, river valleys, black sandy beaches – the variety is endless and spectacular.   We saw at a distance where the volcano Eyafjallajokull had erupted to cause so much trouble in Europe two years ago.  One highlight was the lagoon at Jokalsarlon where icebergs break off from the massive glacier and float across the lagoon towards the sea.  Being tidal, they get caught in the black sandy estuary, where we were able to get close and photograph them.

There is not an abundance of wildlife, but we were fortunate to see many of the famous Icelandic ponies, a seal in the lagoon, and had a couple of late evening photographic sessions shooting puffins and other sea birds.

The trip included an interesting variety of accommodations, between smart hotels in Reykjavik to small village hotels, a converted school and a farm location.  All were excellent and provided good food at reasonable prices.  

Nigel was always around to give us help and advice on photographic matters, and I found his morning get-togethers invaluable where we shared and discussed the previous day's photos together before starting out on another day’s adventure.

Altogether, it was a great experience. Peter A.

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