All photographs on this site are copyright Nigel Hicks, unless otherwise stated. All designs are copyright Nigel Hicks Photography. Anyone wishing to use any of Nigel Hicks’s photographs, whether on this website or not, should contact Nigel for agreement of usage terms. To use any images without such prior agreement in writing is against copyright law. Please remember: the sale of photography services and the licensing of photographs is how Nigel makes his living, so please do not expect to be able to use any of his photographs for free!

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Nigel is a qualified professional photographer, a member of the BIPP, qualified to Fellowship, the Institute’s highest level, ensuring high professional standards in photographic services.

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Nigel’s work is represented by the

National Geographic Image Collection.

To see the images and videos he has with NGIC, please visit

See the images that Nigel Hicks has with the National Geographic Image Collection

Nigel Hicks


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A professional photographer based in Devon, south-west England

A highly experienced and qualified photographer, shooting for the National Geographic Image Collection.

Tel 01626 770181; Email


Photo Galleries

Here we present a series of image galleries to showcase Nigel’s professional photography, starting with galleries showing off images taken on the most recent photo shoots.

We hope you enjoy the images!

Click on the images below to go to each gallery page.

Recent photo shoots

Click on the image left to see photos from most recent photo shoots.

See some of Nigel Hicks's latest images

Photography in southwest England

Click on the image left to see a gallery of southwest England images.

See Nigel Hicks's southwest of England photography gallery

National and international photography

Photography across the UK and around the world.

See Nige Hicks's national and international photography gallery

Architecture & interiors photography

From a record of the design skills of an architect, to the promotion of the comforts and delights of a hotel, restaurant or new home.

See Nigel Hicks's architectural and interiors photography gallery

People and events photography

Mostly reportage style photography of people in their normal working or living environment, catching spontaneous environmental portraits.

See Nigel Hicks's people photography gallery See Nigel Hicks's travel and tourism photography gallery

Travel and tourism photography

In the UK or around the world, images for an entire country, or a single visitor attraction.

See Nigel Hicks's landscape photography gallery

Landscape photography

From the steamy tropics, to cold polar areas, to the relatively homely landscapes of Britain.

See Nigel Hicks's nature photography gallery

Nature photography

From the tiniest plants to the mightiest trees, from insects to birds and elephants.

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