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Nigel is a qualified professional photographer, a member of the BIPP, qualified to Fellowship, the Institute’s highest level, ensuring high professional standards in photographic services.

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Nigel’s work is represented by the

National Geographic Image Collection.

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Nigel Hicks


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A professional photographer based in Devon, south-west England

A highly experienced and qualified photographer, shooting for the National Geographic Image Collection.

Tel 01626 770181; Email


National and international photography

Find out about Nigel’s areas of work:

Southwest England photography

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For your photography needs across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, get in touch so we can put together some great projects.


tel: 01626 770181

A quality assurance

As an assurance of top quality photography remember these points:

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Photography in the UK around the world

In over 20 years of professional photography, Nigel’s work has taken him all over the world, shooting not just in the UK but in countries and regions ranging from China, Japan and the Philippines, to Iceland, Chile, Argentina and Hawaii, and many more places besides.

Work environments have been equally diverse, varying from top class city centre hotels, chic deluxe resorts, beautiful restaurants and world-renowned museums, to the desolation of the Tibetan plateau and Iceland’s lava fields, to the dense rainforests of the Philippines and Borneo.

In short, Nigel has the experience of, and the ability to work in a huge range of environments, shooting a diversity of subjects. Few photographers can boast such a range of experience and photographic skills, something that allows Nigel to produce top quality images for a host of very different photographic commissions.

For this reason, you can have confidence that when you commission Nigel to carry out a photographic project almost anywhere in the world he will be able come back with a fantastic set of images.

To get a feel for this diversity of experience, take a look at some of the image galleries.

To find out how Nigel works with his clients throughout a project to finish up with a top class set of images that fulfil the client’s needs, click here…>