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Get in touch: tel 01626 770181; Email info@nigelhicks.com

Professional photography across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset by Nigel Hicks

Photography throughout the southwest of England

Based in south Devon, Nigel is well-placed to be able to photograph at locations right across the southwest of England - all points are quite accessible.

Moreover, with his background of over 20 years spent in tourism photography, Nigel has built up a vast experience of photographing in a great diversity of photographic genres. He is thus able to provide top quality imagery in fields as diverse as people photography, architecture and interiors, hotels and property, tourism venues, landscapes and nature (both plant and animal wildlife).

Although his background is in stills photography, increasingly his work also involves shooting video as part of a stills/video package.

To find out how Nigel works with his clients throughout a project to finish up with a top class set of images that fulfil the client’s needs, click here…>

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For your photography needs across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, get in touch so we can put together some great projects.

E-mail: nigel@nigelhicks.com, tel: 01626 770181

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People photography

Tourism photography

Landscape photography

Nature photography

National and international photography

Architectural and interiors photography

Hotel photography

Property photography

All photographs on this site are copyright Nigel Hicks, unless otherwise stated. All designs are copyright Nigel Hicks Photography. Anyone wishing to use any of Nigel Hicks’s photographs, whether on this website or not, should contact Nigel for agreement of usage terms. To use any images without such prior agreement in writing is against the law. Please remember: the sale of photography services and the licensing of photographs is how Nigel makes his living, so please do not expect to be able to use any of his photographs for free!

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Nigel shoots for National Geographic Creative. To see what images and video clips he has with them available for commercial use click above.

Nigel Hicks:

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Nigel is a qualified professional photographer, a member of the BIPP, qualified to Fellowship, the Institute’s highest level, ensuring high professional standards in photographic services.

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