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Commercial photography by Nigel Hicks

One picture speaks a thousand words!

We all know how true that is, and it is clear that good quality photography promotes a product or service far better than any number of words.

So invest in a great photographer to promote yourself to the best, and then reap the returns in greater sales!

Nigel Hicks is just such a photographer, with the following credentials to reassure you that he can produce the best results:

Working together

Nigel always works with his clients in a collaborative way, treating them with professional respect, and listening carefully to their needs, and if requested then discussing and agreeing any particular photographic style needs that the client may have.

Specialist areas

Nigel has frequently been commended for his broad range of photographic skills, but of course he does have particular specialist areas. For commercially oriented photography these revolve around the tourism, architectural and interiors photography fields, which see him frequently involved in tourism location photography, hotel photography (along with photography of restaurants, bars etc) and property photography, as well as more general architecturally and interiors-oriented photography projects.

Other areas of vital importance to Nigel are landscape and nature photography, generally by themselves of less commercial importance, but frequently essential components of travel photography projects.

To find out about Nigel’s specialist photography services, click on the links below:

Photography in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset

An introduction to the range of photographic services Nigel can provide to clients across southwest England. Click here….>

Photography nationally and internationally

An introduction to Nigel’s photographic services extending beyond southwest England to the rest of the UK and around the world. Click here….>

Architectural and interiors photography

The photography of buildings, both internally and externally, to highlight their architectural and design features. Click here….>

Hotel photography

Photography that shows hotels and their facilities off to their best. Click here….>

Property photography

Photography of homes, offices and businesses for the property/estate agency industry. Click here….>

People photography

Classic people photography, shot in an informal documentary style. Click here….>

Travel and tourism photography

Photography of tourism in southwest England around the UK and throughout the world, the very hub of much of Nigel’s professional photography. Click here….>

Landscape photography

Photography that captures the beauty of our natural landscape, whether for publishing or commercial uses. Click here….>

Nature photography

Photography of the world’s plants and animals, for use in publishing, advertising and environmental projects. Click here….>

Get in touch at, or tel 07977 546961 to discuss any photography projects.

A professional photographer in Devon, south-west England, working locally, nationally and internationally

An experienced and qualified photographer, a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Nigel Hicks


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Nigel Hicks:

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Nigel is a qualified professional photographer, a member of the BIPP, qualified to Fellowship, the Institute’s highest level, ensuring high professional standards in photographic services.

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